Some very well-known examples of deep pretend movies include the Obama speech from BuzzFeed. Deepfake technology offers cybercriminals a perfect software in their social engineering armory. Imagine receiving an email that contains a pretend video of your self in an embarrassing and even illegal situation? This provides a new dimension to existing cyber-attack strategies such as ransomware, phishing, and sextortion. And now you have an in depth information on tips on how to use AI in picture processing duties, so you can begin working in your project.

Enhancing Cyber Threat Detection With Machine Studying

Threat actors can also use AI to research giant amounts of knowledge after which design social engineering attacks prone to work on specific individuals. Salesforce, Fortinet and the Global Cyber Alliance, in partnership with the Forum, are delivering free and globally accessible cybersecurity training by way of the Cybersecurity Learning Hub. • Well-deployed AI can be used to counter these cybersecurity threats.

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