Payment for the sixth and any subsequent days is to be made on the routine house care fee. In instances in which licensed multiple procedures are carried out throughout the same operative session, payment shall be primarily based on 100 percent of the fee amount for the process with the best ambulatory surgery payment amount, plus, for each other procedure performed through the session, 50 p.c of its payment amount. The SCH payment system under this paragraph applies to hospitals classified by CMS as Essential Access Community Hospitals .

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Transitional Assistance Management Program . Members of the Armed Forces who are eligible for TAMP under paragraph 199.3 of this Part are subject to the same beneficiary or sponsor legal responsibility as relations of members of the uniformed services described on this paragraph . Notwithstanding the above provisions pertaining to outpatient cost-sharing, dependents of members of the Uniformed Services are answerable for fee of $25 for surgical care that’s approved and acquired whereas in an outpatient status and that has been designated in pointers issued by the Director, OCHAMPUS, or a designee. Face-to-face smoking cessation counseling. Both particular person and group smoking cessation counseling are covered.

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