100% personalized teeth whitening supervised by our dentists and performed by qualified professionals

As the General Council of Dentists of Spain says, teeth whitening should be performed under the supervision of a dentist. It is a dental treatment that requires the control of a dentist and be carried out by qualified professionals. In addition, it must be borne in mind that each person is different and, therefore, at the M. Castellsagué Dental Center we have always done personalized teeth whitening and, now, we have incorporated even more specific new ones.

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Clinical whitening is a bleaching that is performed 100% in the dental clinic and is carried out by a qualified professional hygienist who applies the whitening product. If the teeth are clear, 1 session is usually enough. If the teeth are very dark, 2 sessions are usually required.

  • It is the most intense bleaching and with immediate effect. It is suitable for patients with dark teeth.

Outpatient bleaching is a bleaching that the patient performs at home under the supervision of our professionals and in a 100% guided way. 3 visits are made: in the first, measurements of the splint are taken, in the second the splints and the whitening product are delivered and in the third the treatment is controlled and monitored.

  • It is bleaching with a more discreet and progressive effect. It is ideal for patients with tooth sensitivity or clear teeth.
  •  This type of bleaching allows an annual review that can be combined with periodic hygiene in the clinic.

There is also a combination of the two types of bleaching: the clinic and the outpatient clinic. This consists of performing 1 bleaching session in a clinic in which the bleaching of the clinic is carried out and the sizes of the splint are made, a visit in which the splint and the whitening product are delivered and a third visit in which a control and follow-up is carried out.

  • In this way we have the advantages of the two treatments together and, in addition, it allows us to carry out an annual maintenance review.

Our professionals are the ones who, in the clinic, diagnose and determine what is the appropriate type of tooth whitening for each patient.



  • Avoid or reduce the consumption of certain foods especially during the bleaching treatment and days after it:Personalized tooth whitening 1
  • Maintain good daily dental hygiene.
  • Perform regular professional dental hygiene.
  •  Follow the specific recommendations of the professional.

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