Such hospital-based OTPs, if licensed under forty two CFR eight, are not required to be separately authorized by TRICARE. To qualify as a TRICARE licensed supplier, each partial hospitalization program must meet minimum fundamental standards set forth in paragraphs by way of of this part, in addition to such extra elaborative standards and requirements as the Director determines are essential to implement the essential standards. Each partial hospitalization program should be both a distinct a half of an otherwise-authorized institutional supplier or a free-standing program. Approval of a hospital by TRICARE is enough for its partial hospitalization program to be an authorized TRICARE supplier. Such hospital-based partial hospitalization programs usually are not required to be individually authorized by TRICARE.

Contacting The Oral Health Basis

Following this time period, eligible people will be in a position to re-enroll. Appeal course of for denied voluntary enrollment termination. An enrollee has the right to appeal the contractor’s willpower that a disenrollment request does not qualify beneath paragraphs or of this part.

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