When all teeth are missing, one of the treatment options are fixed prostheses on implants

There are three types of prosthesis on implants: the fixed bridge, the removable overdenture and the full-arch hybrid prosthesis.

What is a full-arch fixed hybrid implant prosthesis? 0prosthesis on full-arch hybrid implants consists of a total denture fastened on dental implants. The main difference between a prosthesis on fixed full-arch hybrid implants and a removable overdenture on implants is that in the second, prosthetic teeth have a resin fastening (which mimics the gum and palate) while in the hybrid they do not. The dentist determines which is the best option for each case.

The full-arch hybrid prosthesis is a good rehabilitation option, since it is placed on 5 or 6 implants and their corresponding connectors providing support and comfort. The denture is fixed to the patient’s bone and gum, providing a better quality of life. The dentist works together with the prosthetic laboratory to achieve an aesthetically natural, functional and comfortable result.

In order to guarantee a good maintenance of the prosthesis, we recommend that the patient perform correct daily oral hygiene complemented with the annual one in the dental clinic and follow the instructions that the dentist provides during the treatment and afterwards.

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