The second class is these psychiatric hospitals which are controlled, financed, and operated by departments or businesses of the local, state, or Federal Government and all the time are operated on a not-for-profit basis. The non-public psychiatric hospital class contains both proprietary and the not-for-profit nongovernmental institutions. To get hold of TRICARE approval as an organ transplant heart, the center have to be a Medicare approved transplant middle or meet the criteria as established by the Executive Director, TMA, or a designee. Is accredited by the company of such state or locality answerable for licensing hospitals as assembly the requirements established for such licensing. Has in effect a hospital utilization evaluation plan that’s operational and functioning. If a dedication is made that an institution just isn’t in compliance with one or more of the requirements applicable to its specific category of establishment, CHAMPUS shall take instant steps to bring about compliance or terminate the approval as an authorized establishment in accordance with § 199.9.

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