The TRICARE for Life possibility shall be available exterior the United States. Eligible TFL beneficiaries may obtain covered companies and provides authorized beneath § 199.4, subject to the applicable catastrophic cap, deductibles and cost-shares underneath § 199.4, whether acquired from a network supplier or any authorized TRICARE supplier not in a preferred provider community. However, if a TFL beneficiary receives covered providers from a PPN supplier, the beneficiary’s out-of-pocket prices will typically be lower.

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The name of the hospice from which the individual has acquired care and the name of the hospice from which she or he plans to receive care. The efficient date of the election may start on the primary day of hospice care or any subsequent day of care, however the efficient date can’t be made prior to the date that the election was made. For subsequent durations, the only requirement is certification by one of the physicians listed in paragraph of this part.

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