OSHA lays out standards for housekeeping in its rules, and all building sites must adhere to them. Of course, you could have to tailor this good housekeeping toolbox discuss to your particular office rules, as each website will have its own policies on what’s saved where. Discuss this topic amongst your team to make sure everyone seems to be educated on first help preparations in place. Use a first-aid guidelines to ensure that all supplies within the equipment are full and updated to offer higher medical care in the events of accidents or injuries.


How many times have you ever seen an individual slip a cheater pipe over a wrench deal with for more leverage on a tight nut? In many instances, the cheate pipe slips off the handle and the employee loses his balance and falls. Get the right tool, even if it takes you a couple of minutes longer. The widespread tools that we use each day are often missed for the hazards they pose if not properly used or maintained.

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