The fact that a physician might prescribe, order, recommend, or approve a service or provide does not, of itself, make it medically necessary or make the cost an allowable expense, despite the actual fact that it isn’t listed particularly as an exclusion. Services and supplies offered by aside from a hospital, unless the establishment has been approved specifically by OCHAMPUS. Nursing properties, intermediate care amenities, halfway homes, houses for the aged, or institutions of comparable function are excluded from consideration as permitted facilities under the Basic Program. All camping despite the fact that organized for a specific therapeutic objective , and even though offered as part of an otherwise covered treatment plan or supplied by way of a CHAMPUS-approved facility. Enuretic conditioning applications, but enuretic alarms could additionally be cost-shared when decided to be medically needed in the remedy of enuresis. General exercise packages, even if recommended by a physician and regardless of whether or not or not rendered by an authorized supplier.

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