How to get a free pacific dental visit from your dentist

The first thing I noticed about Pacific dental care is how expensive it is.I had my jaw wired shut for a year because of a jaw fracture and my teeth were missing.I ended up getting a new jaw that I couldn’t use because it was too small.I started working up a sweat trying to figure […]

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The ‘Aspen Diet’ is an alternative to the traditional Paleo diet that’s just for kids

Aspen is one of the world’s oldest cultivated plants.The trees in the region are still alive today and are used as a traditional food.The plant, which grows in areas around the world, is rich in calcium and protein.The root and branches of Aspen have been used as medicines and supplements for thousands of years.So when […]

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What’s the best way to treat plaque?

With the number of cases of plaque forming in Australia climbing, the advice for treating dental plaque is not always as straightforward as it may sound.ABC News visited the capital, Melbourne, and found that many people still have a hard time getting to the dentist as their health conditions are not always the same as […]

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How the Vancouver housing market could be poised for a comeback

By Daniel NeibergallPublished August 17, 2018 10:01:56The Vancouver housing markets housing boom has hit a speed bump as prices continue to decline.That could change this summer when the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) will release its annual benchmarking report for the Vancouver market.The CMA is a government agency that analyzes the state of the […]

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How to get a dental hygeneist’s job in Melbourne

Posted September 14, 2018 05:21:27 There are many options for dental hygenists.But some may struggle to get work in Melbourne, and some may not be able to find a job.ABC Health’s Dr Sarah Hartley has got the scoop on the issues and what you need to know about dental hygenicants.Dr Sarah’s first tip to getting […]

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How to get a discounted dental plan at the Guardian

When you’re buying dental insurance at the dentist, you’re paying for the services you use.However, some of these services can be less expensive than you’d pay for a standard dental plan.To find out what’s available at your local dentist, we’ve broken down the benefits of dental insurance and how much it’s going to cost you.1.Regular […]

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