Admissions for working room procedures involving a principal analysis of mental sickness are exempt from the per diem cost system. This paragraph describes the classification of and other provisions pertinent to hospitals with the next quantity of CHAMPUS patients. Except as supplied in paragraph of this part, for subsequent federal fiscal years, each per diem shall be up to date by the Medicare Inpatient Prospective Payment System replace factor. Regional per diems for lower volume hospitals and items. This paragraph describes the per diem amounts for hospitals and models with a lower volume of CHAMPUS discharges.

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The ratio shall be used to increase cost outlier funds in FY 1999 and FY 2000, except the hospital has a negotiated agreement with a managed care help contractor which might affect this cost. For hospitals with managed care support agreements which affect these payments, CHAMPUS will apply these funds if the increased funds can be consistent with the agreements. In FY 2000 the ratio of outlier payments that would have occurred beneath the FY ninety four policy and precise price outlier payments made underneath the FY 99 coverage will be recalculated. If the ratio has changed significantly, the ratio shall be revised for use in FY 2001 and thereafter. In FY 2002, the precise price outlier instances in FY 2000 and 2001 might be reexamined. The ratio of outlier payments that might have occurred beneath the FY94 coverage and the actual value outlier payments made underneath the FY 2000 and FY 2001 policies.

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