Each regional per diem amount shall be the quotient of all coated expenses divided by all lined days of care, reported on all CHAMPUS claims from lower quantity hospitals within the region paid during the base interval, after having standardized for oblique medical schooling costs and area wage indexes and subtracted direct medical training prices. Regional per diem quantities are adjusted in accordance with paragraph of this section. Additional pass-through payments to lower volume hospitals are made in accordance with paragraph of this part. The areas shall be the same as the Federal census regions. Option to disenroll after an preliminary one year enrollment.

Cosmetic Therapy

Submit a written request to present in person evidence or argument to the Director, OCHAMPUS, or a designee. All such presentations shall be made on the Office of Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services in Aurora, Colorado, on the supplier’s or beneficiary’s own expense. The legal or civil court docket proceedings set up that the provider had a psychological, emotional or physical condition, prior to or contemporaneous with the fee of the act, that lowered the provider’s felony or civil culpability.

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