The burden of proof to rebut this presumption rests with the CHAMPUS supplier. Two exceptions will be acknowledged to the presumption that a battle of curiosity exists. First, oblique CHAMPUS payments may be made to non-public organizations to which physicians of the National Health Service Corps are assigned. For purposes of the definition of “third-party payer,” an insurance coverage, medical service or health plan features a most popular supplier organization, an insurance coverage plan described as Medicare supplemental insurance coverage, and a private damage safety plan or medical funds profit plan for personal injuries ensuing from the operation of a motorcar.

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Eligibility and enrollment within the TDP might be verified through the DEERS. Eligibility and enrollment information established and maintained within the DEERS file is the only acceptable evidence of TDP eligibility and enrollment. Ineligibility for advantages is presumed within the absence of prescribed eligibility proof within the DEERS file. When an faulty payment is discovered, the TRICARE contractor usually will be required to take the preliminary motion to effect recoupment. Such actions will be in accordance with the provisions of this half and the TRICARE contracts and will embody a demand for refund or an offset against some other TRICARE fee becoming due the debtor.

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