Hockey player and dental hyGienist earn $70K in salary,school position

A hockey player and a dental hygenist earned a combined $70,000 last year at the professional level, according to an analysis of salaries and school positions conducted by analysis also included salaries of those who are part of the NHLPA’s medical services division and other professionals who work at the league’s team offices.The study, […]

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Why you should not have dental bone transplants in Britain

A UK government report warns people with severe dental problems should not undergo dental bone transplant operations.It was published on Tuesday in the journal The Lancet.It said a new government policy could mean people in England could have their teeth removed, and other major organs removed.A report from the Health and Social Care Information Centre […]

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How to Prevent Oral Diseases with Prophylactic Dentistry

When you hear the word “dental,” most people think of a dental appliance or a mouthpiece.But a new study shows that a simple dental treatment can prevent more than 1,000 oral diseases each year.The study, published online in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, found that patients who were treated with dental prophylaxing saw a […]

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What happens when you replace your dentist?

The dentists and dentists associate in the dental association are among the most visible and influential people in the business.And they’re not the only ones.“We do what we do for the people who rely on us, whether it’s patients, family members or our own patients,” said Dr. Karen G. Raffaelli, who heads the dental health […]

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When the ‘D’ is not used as a curse

When it comes to how to pronounce the word “D,” the English language is no exception.In fact, the word itself has been a bit of a problem for many centuries.And that’s exactly why it is considered taboo in many parts of the world.Here’s why it’s considered taboo: A curse word.In Hebrew, it’s “zalav” meaning “the […]

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What to know about diamond dental care

A report published in the Irish Times this week highlights some of the issues that are faced by dental care professionals in Ireland.This article is based on the first part of the article.The report was published in English, but in its entirety the Irish language version is available on the internet.The article also features information […]

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