How to tell if your tooth is infected with dental flukes

It is a common complaint for people who have toothache to be concerned they might be infected with a dangerous type of fluke that causes cavities and other serious infections.

But it is not a definitive test.

But scientists have been able to use a technique called polymerase chain reaction to confirm that a patient has had the disease.

This is the process of breaking down DNA that can be found on bacteria, and in the case of dental fluke, this process is known as polymerase-chain reaction.

This is how the DNA is broken down.

There are three steps involved.

First, the patient is placed in a high-pressure tank, so the amount of pressure on the tooth can be controlled to make sure the fluke doesn’t grow.

Then, the water is added to the tank.

This increases the amount and concentration of the gas that can flow into the tooth.

The process can take several hours.

The final step is to add the polymerase chains to the tooth so that it can be tested.

This produces a unique set of molecules called PCR fragments that are used to create a new enzyme.

It takes a little more than two weeks to make these PCR fragments, and they are often used in conjunction with other tests to confirm the diagnosis.

If the flukes have been treated, it can take up to a year for the bacteria to be cleared from the tooth, and a person could then have to have their teeth extracted to remove the infection.

A new way to check if someone has dental flukys This new test is designed to be more accurate than the method currently used. 

It takes advantage of polymerase cDNA, which is the genetic material of bacteria.

When it is broken up into its component parts, these parts can be compared to the bacterial DNA.

This allows the polymerases to distinguish between different bacteria types and which flukes are responsible for the infection in the tooth in the most accurate way.

While it is hoped that this new test will lead to a much quicker treatment for dental flucke, the researchers warn it is still far from being a definitive way of checking if a person has dental cavities.

More: What to do if you suspect you have dental fluks: BBC health article The results of this new testing, however, could help dentists diagnose patients early and help to reduce the number of infections in the future. 

“If you have a patient who’s had flukes, but has not had dental infections, it’s not a definite test, but it can give you some insight into what you need to do to get rid of the infection,” Dr Dyson said.

“It’s not the end of the world, but there are some things that are quite simple to do, so it’s very important that dentists and dentists’ patients understand these tests and make sure that they are performing well.”

The researchers say that their new test can be used in patients with either untreated or suspected dental flufkes, or if they have untreated cavities but are unsure whether they have the disease, it could help them to decide if they should be referred to a specialist for treatment.

They also say that this method is being used to diagnose patients with tooth pain or gums that may be infected.

“This new diagnostic test is not meant to diagnose cavities or dental infections.

It’s meant to give the dentist a better understanding of which types of flukes cause which types or levels of dental infection,” said Dr Dinson.


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