Dentists say they are in a race to save their jobs

DENTISTS are scrambling to save as many jobs as possible as part of a government effort to cut the deficit and attract investment.

But many dentists and dental surgeons are still worried that the federal government is taking away their jobs.

Dental assistants, for instance, are in an uproar over the fact that their employers are not allowing them to perform certain tasks.

Dentists are also concerned that they will lose their jobs if the cuts go into effect.

“I think we are in the midst of an epidemic.

The more people we can get into the workforce, the better off we are,” said Dr. Daniela Cervantes, who works at the Cleveland Clinic, where more than 50 percent of its workforce is registered as dental assistants.

Many dental assistants work as part-time or full-time employees, so they will have to rely on their employer’s help in filling out a tax form.

Some dentists, like Dr. Robert Littman, who is a professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, worry that their jobs will be at risk if the government imposes higher dental-care standards.

They fear that the new standards will be too strict, so that they cannot perform the procedures that are required to diagnose diseases such as cancer, and that they would be forced to close the practice or face losing their licenses.DENTISTRY LOSSES TO THE MEDICINE DENTAL ASSOCIATES:What dentists lose Dentists lost $7.8 billion in wages in the second quarter of the year, down from $10.3 billion the previous quarter.

They are also the only group that experienced a loss in revenues, which dropped to $1.6 billion, down 12 percent from $2.4 billion the year before.

They lost $2 billion in state and local government revenue, which was up 17 percent from the previous year.

Most dentists have been waiting to see how the federal health-care law will impact their jobs until they have a better understanding of the impact, said Dr


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