Why you should not have dental bone transplants in Britain

A UK government report warns people with severe dental problems should not undergo dental bone transplant operations.

It was published on Tuesday in the journal The Lancet.

It said a new government policy could mean people in England could have their teeth removed, and other major organs removed.

A report from the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) also warned that a new policy could make it harder for those with high risk dental conditions to have a bone marrow transplant.

It also warned the policy could lead to a rise in the number of people in the UK who had surgery to have their bones replaced.

The report, by the health department’s chief medical officer Dr Richard Ashton, also said there was no clear evidence the policy was linked to a significant rise in recurrence rates, which is linked to complications and mortality.

Mr Ashton said: “We know there’s been a very high number of recurrences in the past two years.”

This is linked, to some degree, to the fact that patients have had surgery, and they’ve had the bone marrow removed and then they’ve been put in the ICU.

“The issue here is that if you’re going to do this, and we’ve heard there are very few cases of recurrence, that’s not going to help you to prevent recurrence.”

The policy also came with a warning that it could have serious implications for the NHS.

It states that people with a low-risk dental condition or condition that might be related to their condition are particularly vulnerable to the risk of recurring recurrence.

The HSCIC said it was concerned about the policy and that it should be introduced cautiously and carefully, and it should only be applied to people with very low risk of a recurrence of a high-risk condition.

It says the policy should only apply to those with a high risk of bone marrow recurrence or if there are serious concerns that it would be used for other purposes.

The department said it had a number of measures in place to protect people with serious health conditions, such as a long-term care register and screening of all patients.

Dr Ashton said it did not make any sense to try and remove a bone in the face of a person who has had a procedure to remove it.

He said: ”I think the key point is that you’ve got to be careful in what you’re doing.”

You’ve got some really good people in this country who are very fortunate, and you don’t want to remove a large part of your face and your body.”

But if we can’t do that then we should be very careful.

“The HFCIC, which includes the Royal College of General Practitioners, said it supported the use of bone transplans.

A spokeswoman said: ‘The advice to avoid any procedure to treat dental disease is the same as any other.”

We do not recommend the removal of any bone, for the same reasons as any medical procedure, in the case of the above reasons.’

The policy will now be reviewed in 2021, after it was first released.


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