What’s the best way to treat plaque?

With the number of cases of plaque forming in Australia climbing, the advice for treating dental plaque is not always as straightforward as it may sound.ABC News visited the capital, Melbourne, and found that many people still have a hard time getting to the dentist as their health conditions are not always the same as the general population.

Dr. Michelle Saldana, clinical fellow at the University of Melbourne’s School of Dentistry, said people needed to be vigilant when they go to the dental office, but she believed people should be cautious when it comes to putting on their braces.

“It is important that you don’t put on braces too early in the day as plaque may form,” Dr. Saldanas said.

“We have seen people that have been put on an array of braces but have been experiencing problems with their teeth and having to have their braces put back on again.”

She said it was important to ensure that you get a dental appointment as soon as possible.

“You need to make sure that you do not miss your appointment and you should be in a good mood as that can increase the chances of a better result,” Dr Saldas said.

She said the main reason for dental plaque forming was the plaque could spread to the teeth through the mouth.

“A plaque that forms in the teeth can cause problems in the dental area, such as a tooth that can’t be gapped or can’t get dental fillings in,” she said.

The good news for people with plaque is that the dental health service can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Dr Saldanas said dental services were in an ideal position to provide dental care.

“There is always a dental clinic in the city that can give you information and advice to help you to get the best possible dental care,” she told ABC News.

“The good thing is there are a lot of people that can provide you with the dental care you need.”

Dr Saelas said there was a lot to be learned about the impact of plaque in dentistry, and she said it would be a good idea for anyone who had a plaque problem to do their own research and seek out an expert.

“What is a good strategy to treat dental plaque?

What is the best approach to preventing dental plaque formation?,” she asked.

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