‘The worst day of my life’: ‘I was not happy’

A mother and daughter are devastated after a child who has been diagnosed with autism lost her father, a former dentist.

Lisa Kosten said she was not pleased to find out her son’s dad had died after being diagnosed with the disorder.

Lisa and her husband Kevin were planning a wedding and wedding parties when their son Patrick was diagnosed with a rare form of autism and had a brain tumour removed.

The couple’s son, who lives in Australia, has autism and is currently being monitored by a specialist at the Children’s Hospital of Western Australia.

She said Patrick was a happy, fun and outgoing child who loved playing and was the best of his kind.

She told the ABC his father was “a loving and caring man”.

“It was a nightmare and I’m very sad,” she said.

The couple had been planning to celebrate Patrick’s birthday on Monday night. “

He had such a wonderful personality and I love him so much.”

The couple had been planning to celebrate Patrick’s birthday on Monday night.

“It’s a wonderful day, it’s a celebration and we’re so proud,” Ms Kostein said.

The ABC’s Natalie Hurd said the couple did not want to give away any information about their son’s condition.

“We’ve been very fortunate, we have a good life,” Ms Hurd told the program.

“But I would like to say thank you to the whole of WA and the whole country, the Government and the people who have been there to support us and our family.”

Patrick had been diagnosed at a very young age and had no history of autism or other mental health issues.

The family had spent years searching for a solution to their son and his condition.

The Kostens said they were so proud to have Patrick with them on their wedding day.

“This is such a beautiful day and to have a child that’s so happy and loves his parents, who have always been there for him, is just really a blessing,” Ms Sosten added.

“You can’t imagine how happy he’s been.”

‘It was very hard’ Lisa Kopen said her son had a good sense of humour and would not hurt anyone.

“There was no anger in him at all.

He had such an easy time with the doctors,” she told the station.

“At the end of the day, he loved his family, he was so happy.”

The Kopens said the parents are now planning to hold a family dinner on Monday evening to celebrate the anniversary of their son.

“If anyone wants to come we’ll make a special surprise for Patrick,” Ms Kopen said.


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