‘I think he’s going to be the next big thing’

A man who was left with a ‘huge hole in his teeth’ after being fitted with a dental implant has been told he can finally be proud of his work.

Key points:Cigna dentist and Dental Partners’ head of dental operations, Dr Nick Pidgeon, says the device has made him “very, very happy”Dr Pidgeone told News Corp the implant, which has been fitted to his jaw for six months, has given him “a lot of confidence”Dr Nick Pieti is confident the device will soon be “ready to go”The implant, fitted by Cigna and the dental partnership, has helped to fill a hole in the man’s jaw and has been a “major boost” for his health, the Cignas dental operations chief said.

The Cignans dentist, Dr Piet, said he was “really proud” of the success of the implant.

“The first day we were fitted it was really, really difficult.

We were doing it every day for six weeks,” Dr Pidge, who is the head of Cignia’s dental operations department, told News Corporation.”

But then it just became a little bit easier and easier.”

It’s really helped me a lot.

“The C-4 dental implant is a plastic-backed device which fits into the socket of the jaw.

It consists of three plastic tubes that are connected by a pair of rubber bands that allow it to fit through the gap in the jawbone.

The device is attached to the jaw with a series of screws.

It’s connected to a device which sits on the side of the skull, and has a microchip that enables it to recognise a patient’s teeth and monitor their progress.”

This has helped us a lot, and it has made me very, very, happy,” Dr Nick said.”

I can see why I was the first one in the world to have it fitted.

I can see what I’ve achieved.

“I think it’s going a long way.”‘

He’s going for the top’Dr Nick said he had had the implant fitted on a total of four occasions in his career, with the last one coming back in May.

“We had the first couple of implants, and then it was a bit like ‘what are we doing?’ and ‘what do we do now?’,” Dr Nicholas said.

Dr Nick is now hopeful that the implant will be ready to go by mid-year.

“In my career, I’ve had a total, a total amount of six implants, four implants, I was fitted three times,” he said.

“So I think I’ve done quite a few things.”

Dr Piet said the implant had also helped him feel “a bit more confident” in his profession, despite his initial setback.

“He was able to really see where I was, what I was doing, and that’s a big difference,” he explained.

“So now I feel more confident in my profession.”

If he can get his teeth filled up in time, I think he can be the guy next week.

“Cignas said the device had been used by around 2,000 patients, and more than 5,000 implants had been implanted.

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