How to get a free dental bridge in Florida

When you’re ready to go home, you can get a dental bridge.

Here’s how to get it.

| AP | 6-1-17 | A new dental bridge for the average Florida homeowner.

| The Hill| 5-25-17At a news conference Thursday, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said that her office was preparing a bill to create a statewide dental bridge program for the state.

The state currently provides for about 20 dental bridges statewide. 

Bondi said the bridge program is designed to reduce barriers to access to the dental care that Florida residents need, such as the high cost of getting dental care and the high costs associated with the treatment of chronic conditions. 

In the past, Bondi’s office has said that the bridge is a cost-saving measure to prevent dental caries. 

“This program will provide a simple, cost-effective, effective, and affordable alternative to the current system that allows dental carious individuals to continue to receive the care they need at a lower cost,” Bondi added. 

The Florida Department of Health said in a statement that it will not be providing funding for the dental bridge effort. 

Florida Department of Transportation spokesperson Kristin Miller told The Hill the agency is working with the state legislature to create and implement the bridge plan. 

If the dental bridges are funded, the state will provide funding for dental care to prevent caries, and will use the funds to provide bridge maintenance and services to prevent further dental carias. 

Miller said the program will cover dental bridges, bridges in other parts of the state and other bridges and bridges that are not currently funded. 

Currently, only Florida has a statewide program for dental bridges. 

Statewide dental bridges have been implemented in the U.S. since 2002, when a state-run program for bridge repair and replacement was created.

 In 2015, Florida became the first state in the nation to offer dental bridges for all residents, including those with chronic conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 

On March 6, 2017, Florida passed Senate Bill 857, which expanded the state’s dental bridge programs.

The law expanded the dental program from 10 bridges to 50 bridges.

Bondis office said the state is still evaluating the costs of dental bridges and will consider the cost of the bridge programs when the dental programs are created. 

Under Bondis bill, all adults, regardless of age, will be able to receive a dental care appointment with a dental practitioner.

The legislation also requires that all dental practitioners and dentists be licensed in the state, with a maximum of five dental practices and five dentists per county. 

Once the bridge plans are implemented, Bondis office will begin working with dentists to develop a plan to determine how to manage dental bridges at a cost to taxpayers. 

According to a March 2017 article in The Hill, the dental plan could cost the state $6 million. 

Last year, the Florida Dental Foundation estimated that the state spent about $1 billion in dental bridges to treat caries in 2016, which resulted in an estimated cost to the state of $10.5 billion.


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