How to Avoid Being a Victim of Dental Fraud

Dental fraud is a real threat, but you don’t have to be a victim to be put at risk.

This week, Entertainment Weekly is breaking down the best tips you need to know about this common dental scam.

In this article, we’re going to share the best practices that you can use to protect yourself, and we’ll take you through the whole process of getting your dental records back.


Know the Rules and Understand What’s Happening 1.1 Dental records are your personal property and should be treated as such.

Dental services are often done by a professional dentist, who’s licensed by the state, which is the state agency that regulates dental services.

The state’s licensing is based on the following criteria: * Must be a licensed dental practitioner (or dental school), or must be authorized by the Department of Health.

* Must provide an accurate and complete statement of any and all health records (including your dental history) * Must adhere to strict protocols (including protocols on the use of fluoride, pH testing, and dental implants) * Have a minimum of six months of experience in dental work before obtaining a dental license.

* Have insurance.

* Be able to provide your own records.


Ask for an Authorization Form.

You’ll need to provide the following documents: 1.

A certified copy of your insurance card, showing your insurance provider is a member of the state board of dentistry.

* An official copy of the Dental Certification of the State Board of Dentistry.

This must be done before you visit your dentist.

* Your credit card information.


Your medical license.


The name of the dental school you’ve applied to. 5.

Your social security number.


Your home address.


Your name, address, and date of birth.


Your date of employment.


Your email address.


The full name of your dentist and his or her signature.


A copy of any dental report you have submitted to the state.


Any other documents the dentist needs to know.


A statement from your insurance company that you have met all the requirements.


If you’re not from Louisiana, a copy of Louisiana’s Health Code.


The date and time of your appointment.


If your insurance covers your dental work, your license card, and your dental report, a receipt.


A check made out to the “Louisiana Dental Board of Dents, Dental Technicians, and Dental Attendant” (LBDTD) with a balance of $20 or more.


If the state’s health code is not your primary source of insurance coverage, contact your insurance carrier.


If it’s not clear whether you have insurance or not, call the LBDTD at 1-877-891-1224.


The dental board will ask you to sign a form that is signed by the dentist and the health officer, as well as the health insurance provider that will pay for the services.


The health officer must sign this document.

You may then fill out a request form to request the records.

This form will ask for a fee, which will be paid by the LMDTD, who will then deliver the requested records.


The LMDtd will then call the health department and give them the requested documents.


You will then receive an authorization form.


The request form will include the following information: The date you signed up for a service; The name and address of the provider you signed the authorization for; Your full name, date of Birth, and Social Security Number.


The Dental Registration Number (DRSN).


The medical license number (MLN).


The dentist’s signature, if it is required.


The signature of the health practitioner.


Your contact information, such as phone number, fax number, email address, etc. 30.

Your signature is a legal document and can be copied and/or stamped by the health professional.


The document will then be sent to the LDDTD.

If this is not the case, you will be contacted by the DMDTD.


You should contact the LHDTD to confirm if you are eligible for dental insurance.

If so, you should check your Dental Insurance status.


The letter will confirm that your authorization has been verified and signed.

You can contact the DSDOT to verify the status of your authorization.


The order number will indicate the order number for the records you have requested.


The verification will also show if the LTDTD has completed their processing.

If not, the verification will indicate that you are not eligible to obtain your dental services at this time.


The status letter will state that the request is being processed, and that the LNDTD will be calling you at 8:00am on Tuesday


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