‘Mystery Woman’: Why I Still Don’t Understand What This Is About

A mystery woman has been discovered in a Brooklyn subway station.

The woman, who is not identified, was reportedly stuck in the station for a couple of hours and was unable to find her way back to her hotel.

The station is now closed.

NYPD spokesperson Paul Browne told the Post that the station is a “semi-public” area, but he wouldn’t elaborate on the circumstances surrounding the woman’s death.

“I cannot talk about the specifics of this case at this time,” Browne said.

“There are no additional details.”

The NYPD has been investigating the death of this unidentified woman for nearly two months.

She is believed to have been trapped in a crowded subway station for two hours and is still missing.

The incident comes on the heels of a rash of similar incidents in New York City.

In October, a woman in New Jersey was reportedly trapped in an elevator for about 20 minutes.

The victim, who was a woman, reportedly said that she felt trapped, according to a statement from the New Jersey Transit Police Department.

“She was able to exit and get back into the elevator, but when she tried to exit again, she could not get out,” the statement read.

“The elevator operator was unable or unwilling to assist her.

She eventually made her way out of the elevator and the elevator operator called 911.

This is a case that we are investigating and are investigating aggressively.”

The woman reportedly told police that she was stuck in an “incredibly crowded subway platform” for two and a half hours.

The New York Post reports that the woman, whom the police identified as an unidentified man, was “a homeless woman who lived in a hotel with her husband.”

She had apparently been staying at the Hotel New York in the East Village.

The Daily Mail reports that authorities are currently working to determine the woman was not wearing any identification.

“If we are able to identify the victim and find her hotel, we will be able to provide her a hotel voucher for a new apartment,” New York Police Commissioner James O’Neill told the Daily Mail.


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