How to ride the rodeo in 2019

This is the third in a series of posts about how to ride in 2019.

Read moreThis year’s rodeo was a big one for riders, with more than 30,000 spectators and a record attendance of just under 5,000.

That meant it was the biggest event in the country and included some of the biggest names in rodeo, with two-time world champion David Mackenzie (who finished second in last year’s World Cup) and world number three Matt Smith (who is currently the only rider from Australia to win the World Cup and World titles) as well as many of the world’s best sprinters.

There was also plenty of action for the spectators, with the main event in Melbourne attracting more than 11,000 fans.

I was in Melbourne at the start of the rodeos week and the crowd was incredible.

The riders are all there, the fans are here.

The fans are screaming, cheering and they are all really enthusiastic and happy.

The crowd is amazing.

We went to the main entrance where the doors are open and I was able to get up there and meet the riders.

They were all out and it was really cool to see them.

It was really nice seeing the people out there and they were all really, really excited.

I was lucky enough to meet a lot of them and it made me feel really good and it felt like a real team effort.

They were just really pumped and they seemed really happy and excited to see me and they’re really, very pumped and really happy to see the crowd.

As well as the riders, there were a lot people wearing helmets and some of them were wearing helmets, which I didn’t see at the first rodeo.

You see that at rodeos around the world, it’s always a big crowd and people get excited and they just get on and do it.

One rider was wearing a helmet and he was really excited to be there.

That was a good crowd and it looked really good.

There was a lot going on there, but that’s what happens at rodeo week.

And we had a good time.

At the end of the day, the crowd really gave us a good vibe and they gave us great support.

A lot of the people were just there to see a winner and I think we were all a little bit overawed with the fact that the winner was David Mackie, and it’s been quite a while since he’s won a rodeo event.

He was pretty happy to be in Melbourne and I really hope he keeps riding the world championship and World title.

Mackie finished in a respectable second place in the 2017 World Cup, but was knocked out by a knee injury in the second round.

After the event, Mackie was asked if he thought his knee injury was a major factor in his success.

He said he didn’t think it was, but it was certainly a factor.

When we were talking about my injury, he just said he was in pretty good shape.

So when you’re not in good shape, you don’t really think about it.

If you were to take a shot at it and you’re like ‘oh, I can’t do this anymore’, then that’s not a good thing.

In the end, it was a great event and I had a great time, so I’m really happy with that.

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