A Dental Clinic Is Coming To Denver…Now!

A dental clinic has opened in Denver, but there’s one big difference between it and some of the other dentists around town: it’s not for sale.

Dubbed the Denver Dental Salon, it’s the first of its kind in the country and promises to be the largest dental clinic in the state.

The dental clinic, which opened Thursday, is expected to house around 20 dentists and more than 100 dental technicians.

It’s also a little bit cheaper than a full dental clinic and offers lower rates, which will appeal to dental students and parents.

Dental student Michael Johnson says the clinic has helped him pay for his dental school education and has helped lower his dental costs.

He says that’s a huge deal.

Johnson says he had to make a decision after he graduated from high school, and after a few months in the city, he decided to stay in Denver.

He said he would have gone to a full-fledged clinic, but the cost was too high and he didn’t want to miss out on the experience.

He’s glad to be able to get a full experience at a discounted price.

Dentist Andrew Brown says there’s a lot of people who don’t have the financial resources to get in to a real dentist, and there’s also an additional hurdle for those who don, like dental hygienists, who can’t practice in Colorado.

The Denver Dampens is a partnership between the University of Denver and the Colorado Dental Association, and will be open through the end of the year.

Dr. Daniel Schulte is the director of the clinic, and he said it will be staffed by both experienced and first-time dentists.

The clinic’s opening comes just a month after the Colorado Association of Dental Hygienist’s (CADH) new mission statement was released.

The organization said its mission is to help dentists achieve the best patient outcomes and that dentists should be accountable to their communities.


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