Willamette, Willamettes’ Dental Discount Plans Are Expanding With a $3,500 Discount On All Dental Plans

Newsweek has learned that the largest dental discount plan in the state will now offer a $2,000 discount to residents with a qualifying health insurance plan.

According to a spokesperson for the state of Washington, the dental discount plans at Willamets dental office, The Willametts Health Care, and The Willams Health Care Dental are offering $3,-300 discount for all residents with health insurance coverage who have dental coverage and qualified for a dental plan.

The dental discount program was originally launched last year to assist Oregonians with dental care and provide a lower monthly premium.

The new dental discount is being offered at both the Willams and Willams dental offices, but will not be available at Willams. 

At the Willamett, the plan offers a $7,500 dental discount for a resident who has a dental policy with a dental deductible of $749 or more and qualifies for a health plan.

At The Willampetts, the plans offers a dental discount of $2,-300 for a dentist who has dental coverage with a deductible of less than $750 or more. 

The state of Oregon also announced plans to offer $3.5 million in rebates for low-income Oregonians, offering a $1,000 rebate for low income Oregonians.

In addition, the state is offering a dental rebate of $4,000 for those who are eligible for a Medicaid dental plan, and the state also announced a dental rebate of $3 for individuals with no income.

The Oregon Health Authority, the lead health insurer in the nation, has not released a list of plans it is offering dental discounts on.

However, a spokeswoman for the Oregon Health Board says that the state has no plans for additional dental discounts, and that they have also not offered a dental premium rebate in the past.

Oregon has already announced that it will increase premiums for Oregonians by an average of 9.4 percent over the next decade.


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