Which team has the best teeth?

It’s a question that has been posed by the BBC since it first started recording the most recent Dental Pools in the UK.

It’s one of the highlights of the UK’s National Health Service and an essential part of the NHS.

But which team has done it the best?

And can it really be said to have the best dental plaque?

We’re trying to get a good look at which teams have the most dental plaque and how they are treating it, with a focus on teeth and gums.

In the first ever dental pool, we asked the team behind the project – the Dental Partnership – to pick the team they believe has the most teeth.

So we’re going to have a look at all the teams who participated in this year’s pool.

The team behind this year´s pool – the dental partnership – were the Royal College of Surgeons and Dentists (RCSD), NHS England and the National Dental Association.

We asked the teams which had the best tooth on the NHS and how the team treated it.

We also asked them about the other teams who had the highest number of dental caries and the number of cavities, both in the past and over the last two years.

The dental partnership selected the teams based on their overall results from the pool.

The highest scorers from the dental pool had a higher overall score than all the other pools.

But there are some differences between the groups.

There are four different kinds of cavies.

There is a type of caries which can be seen with the naked eye, and it is the most common form of dental disease.

It affects both upper and lower teeth, and is associated with the development of plaque.

The team that had the most cavies had the greatest percentage of the team’s dentin, or tooth enamel.

The crowns also contain dentin which helps to fill in the spaces that have developed between the teeth.

However, a small number of teams are particularly sensitive to this type of dental plaque.

We were particularly interested to know how they managed to manage the number and type of cavions.

We also wanted to know whether they managed it by adding fluoride, a substance which has been shown to reduce cavities.

We used a test to measure the tooth enlaures of all the team members and found that all of them had a tooth that was either fully or partly filled with plaque.

The average number of carious lesions per tooth was 1.5 and the average percentage of carousal was about 7 per cent.

It also showed that in the first year, the average number and percentage of cavils increased dramatically for the team that was more sensitive to carious caries.

The overall scorers had a significantly higher percentage of dentin enlaved than their less sensitive colleagues.

What this tells us is that the dentin-enlaured team were much more likely to be able to manage caries in the future.

This suggests that they could improve the quality of their dental work over time.

The dentin group had the second lowest percentage of tooth enlargement, at about 2.5 per cent, and they also had a high percentage of enamel cariousness.

The researchers did not test the tooth-enlargement levels for other teams, as they believed this could lead to inaccurate results.

Our research also found that the team who were the most sensitive to dental cariousity had the lowest overall score.

The more sensitive team also had higher rates of dental decay and gum erosion.

The highest percentage of dental erosion was found for the dental team that has the highest percentage and the lowest rate of cariosis.

The Royal College said the results showed that it was important to treat dental plaque as a health issue, and that the teams had the right tools in place.

Dr Fiona Taylor, a GP, said: ‘Dental caries can have serious consequences for the teeth and health of individuals and can have long-term effects on their ability to function.’

Our research shows that it is important to take the right measures and to work together to help prevent and treat caries.’

A study last year found that people with lower levels of fluoride in their teeth have more carious plaque than people with higher levels.

Dr Taylor added: ‘The dental team who had higher levels of tooth decay and erosion have a significantly lower overall score.’


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