What the world’s best players have to say about their teeth

L’Aquila-based journalist Stefano Di Marzio has written an article in which he attempts to bring to the fore the different opinions of the world, in particular the opinion of those who have teeth.

The article, published in The Italian Journal of Sport, is based on interviews with several of the finest footballers of the past.

While Di Marzo is in the middle of a book that will hopefully provide a much-needed platform for a growing number of Italian footballers, he has done an admirable job in bringing together a range of opinion.

He also manages to make some interesting observations, such as the fact that many of these players, when asked about their current teeth, will reply that they have them in place.

It is a fair question.

We have a history of asking players this question when asked the same question by our readers.

It is part of the “why” and “how” of the question.

Di Marzo’s goal in doing so was to look at how the opinions of these individuals are held.

In his article, he mentions that some players are still in shock about their “lifestyle” of wearing their teeth.

For example, the Argentine Cristiano Ronaldo, who wears his teeth at home, told a newspaper he had lost his “eyesight”, as well as his balance.

The same is true of Cristiano Ancelotti.

He then quotes the footballer Gianluca Di Maranzio, who says:”If you are in good health, you are going to wear your teeth.”

The same sentiment can be found in the player Antonio Candreva.

Candreva, who is currently playing in the Champions League, also has a problem with his teeth, but he doesn’t seem to be bothered by his own health.

He says:It is an unfortunate situation for me, because I am a footballer.

I have to look after myself, and that is my job.

It’s not easy to look like I am in pain.

It takes time.

I am not sure I can get used to it.

I hope that this article will be a good introduction for people who are not aware of the condition of the mouths.

It was also a good insight into how these players feel about their diet and exercise habits.

For some of them, exercise is the only way to maintain their shape, and for others it is something of a chore.

DiMarzo also quotes an unnamed player, who told him:”I cannot play football if I don’t eat properly.”

The player added:I would say I have lost my health, and I think I have a bad diet.

I cannot live my life in this way.

I cannot do this kind of activity for my whole life.

Di Marzi’s article has attracted some criticism on social media.

But Di Marzu himself has responded to the criticism, and he has defended the article, pointing out that it has been published in the “newspaper of football”.

“The article is an example of a publication that wants to be objective and a journalist,” Di Marzanio said.

“We have a very good newspaper, it is a good work of journalism.

It doesn’t matter what kind of opinion you have on this issue.

It does not matter what you think about it.”


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