Anil Prasad, a senior executive of Dental Insurance, dies in a car crash

Anil J. Prasade, an executive vice president of dental insurance company Dental insurance, has died of natural causes in New Delhi.

He was 73.

Mr Prasada was a member of the Board of Directors of the insurance company.

He had been in a coma since February 6, 2016, and was due to deliver his last message at a memorial service at the company’s offices on Monday.

Mr Paramesh Rao, the company president, said the company would pay tribute to Mr Prasado at the memorial service.

Mr Rao had served as an executive director of Dontic Insurance from September 1999 to March 2018.

Dental insurance was started in the state by the Maharashtra government in the 1950s.

In 2002, the state government launched the Bharat Dental Scheme which provided dental insurance coverage for residents of Mumbai.

The scheme was later renamed to the Dental State Scheme, and it has been in operation in Maharashtra for nearly 35 years.

Mr Dutta Dutts, the chairman of DSTS, said Mr Praseado had been a strong advocate for the state of Maharashtra.

“He was a strong and loyal member of Dosec,” Mr Dutte said.

Mr Prasinga, who had a son with his wife, had also been a member in the Maharashtra Congress for several years.

The Dontics office was raided by police in July last year for allegedly carrying out a conspiracy to defraud the state.

Mr Duttas son had been arrested for allegedly committing an offence under Section 120 of the Bombay High Court, but a conviction against him was later quashed.

Mr Jaitley, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation (MMCC), said the police raid had resulted in “huge financial losses”.

He said the Dontis were being probed for various offences.

“This is a terrible development, as Dontico and Dontica were very well-known and well-respected members of our community,” Mr Jaitleys lawyer, Ashok Bhatnagar, said.


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