A dental assistant who saved lives with her amazing skills

Midwestern dentist and nurse Mary Ann Mackey’s life was saved when a fellow dental assistant at a church in St. Louis, Missouri, saw the need and asked her to take a look.

Mackey, who was trained in the medical field, was told that the church was a dental clinic and had a small room for dental assistants.

She went in and was surprised to find out the clinic had two offices, one for dentists and one for dental assistant.

“The first lady told me that this place was full of patients and they were going to need help,” Mackey said.

Mackeys husband, a dental assistant, noticed the need for a dentist to work for a family who had just moved from Missouri to Oklahoma.

Macs husband was a dentist and knew he could help out.

“I was kind of skeptical, but he told me to go and talk to the dentists there, and he went and took my husband down to the dental office,” Mackeys said.

“They were a little overwhelmed and he was so sweet and caring and had his hand out.

I was just blown away.

He was such a great person, he cared about everyone and was so nice.”

Mackey went back to the church that afternoon and gave her husband a call.

“He just smiled, and said, ‘I just had to ask you to come and help out,'” Mackey recalled.

The pair met the dentist and the dental assistant in the parking lot of the church and they went back and forth for a couple of hours.

The dentist took Mackey to the bathroom, put her mouth over his mouth and put her lips over his teeth, and put a cap on her mouth.

“We were all so surprised,” Macs said.

The two went back home and got her checked out, and then Mackey took a trip to the hospital.

“She had an x-ray that showed a cavity in her mouth, and she had to have a whole mouth transplant,” Macbie said.

Doctors were told to use a surgical technique called a caesarean section to help with the procedure, but they couldn’t do it because Mackey was too frail.

Macks son, who had already been born, was born in a different hospital, and when the surgery was performed, the surgeons were unable to get Macks husband’s tooth, so they had to do another one.

Mackels husband was given a tooth implant.

The family went back for the second time to get their teeth and they both said they were happy.

MacKEY: The next day she called me and said her husband was here, and we talked for an hour.

I asked him if he needed anything and he said, “No, he’s fine.”

She said she felt like she had just been through a really hard day.

She said it felt like the last thing she would have ever imagined to have someone come and tell her how amazing she was.

I just wanted to be able to say, ‘Thank you, thank you, you’re a hero.’

“MacKEY:”I just want to thank the church, the church for coming and taking care of me.

“MACKEY: “It was like I got to do it for the first time in my life.

I had my first surgery, and I was a whole different person.

“MACKER: “I just wanted her to feel that way, that I’m there for her.

That was my mom.

When the hospital is able to see that she’s doing the right thing, the family will be able do it too. “

It’s not just about the surgery, it’s also about their families, the doctors, the nurses, the volunteers, the community,” Mackeles said.

When the hospital is able to see that she’s doing the right thing, the family will be able do it too.

“All the patients in the community will thank me for saving their lives and their families’ lives,” MacKEY said.


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