When you can’t find a dentist, this is the best place to find one

A man in England has been ordered to pay £50,000 after he spent months searching for a dental assistant, only to find none.

James Taylor, 48, was frustrated by his inability to find a specialist in Leicester, and after a year spent on a quest, finally decided to hire an expert to help him find the best dentist.

James said: ‘I have been searching for dental assistants for years, and my search for one in Leicester was quite frustrating, because I found no dental professionals to work for me.’

I searched on Google and found plenty of dental specialists, but it wasn’t until I finally got a dentist that I felt confident enough to hire him.’

James spent months on his quest, finding a dentist but finding none.

After 18 months, James finally found a dentist who would work with him, and on Tuesday he received the verdict that he should pay the hefty sum.

James was devastated that he couldn’t find his dentist in time to have the procedure, and said:’I was just so frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t get the procedure.’

So I went and called the dental clinic and said I needed help and the staff there were very accommodating and I felt comfortable with the way they were treating me.

But instead of a dentist I got an assistant.’

James said he didn’t have the money for a dentist and spent months trying to find someone, but eventually ended up hiring a dental specialist who he believed would treat him properly.

He said:”It wasn’t the same dentist as I’d used before, but I was happy with him.”

I’ve had to pay a little more than £50k in legal fees, which was a bit of a burden, but all in all it’s been a really positive experience.

James is now looking for a new dental practice, and will pay his bills and take out a loan to help cover the costs of the procedure in the future.

James, from Newcastle, has a £150,000 mortgage on his home and is now hoping to start a new business.


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