Absent a new qualifying event, members/survivors aren’t eligible to re-enroll in TRICARE Retired Reserve till the following annual open season. This term means a member who has satisfied all the factors that must be met before the member is authorized for TRS coverage. This time period means partner as outlined in § 199.three, or child as outlined in § 199.three. The following terms are relevant to the TRICARE Reserve Select program. Coverage could terminate for members, former members, and survivors who achieve coverage under another TRICARE program.

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Limit services furnished underneath association to those for which receipt of payment by the CHAMPUS authorized provider discharges the payment liability of the beneficiary. Active responsibility sponsors must register potential ECHO-eligible beneficiaries via the Director, TRICARE Management Activity, or designee prior to receiving ECHO advantages. The Director, TRICARE Management Activity, or designee will decide ECHO eligibility and replace the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System accordingly. Unless waived by the Director, TRICARE Management Activity or designee, sponsors must provide proof of enrollment within the Exceptional Family Member Program provided by their branch of Service at the time they register their member of the family for the ECHO. When transport is by non-public car, the allowable quantity is limited to the Federal government employee mileage reimbursement rate in impact on the date the transportation is provided. Transportation of an ECHO beneficiary receiving benefits underneath paragraph , and a medical attendant when necessary to assure the beneficiary’s safety, to or from a facility or institution to receive authorized ECHO providers or objects.

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