Dental trauma, dehydration and demineralization are some of the risks to be monitored if you practice sport, especially during the summer

The Dental Center recommends taking into account certain tips when practicing sports in summer:

  1. Maintain proper oral hygiene.
  2. Always be hydrated: the high temperatures together with the tendency to breathe through the mouth, reduces the flow of saliva leaving the mouth unprotected against the attack of bacteria and acids and increasing the risk of caries.
  3. Using fluoride toothpastes also helps to re-mineralize teeth that have suffered a pH alteration in sports practices in chlorine pools.
  4. Follow a diet appropriate to the athlete and at the time of year.
  5. Avoid doing outdoor sports in the hottest hours.
  6. Use sunscreen on the lips.
  7. Use protective splints in contact sports.
  8. In case of suffering a trauma, a partial fracture or a loss of piece, it is necessary to keep the tooth in saline sweat, water with salt, milk or in the mouth and go to the dentist as quickly as possible.
  9. Underwater sports athletes who use diving or snorkeling equipment should visit the dentist regularly to ensure that the material placed in the mouth does not alter the natural physiology of the mouth.
  10. Visit the dentist to check that everything is fine.

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